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About UFMD

United Financials Making a Difference (“UFMD”) focuses on bringing Senior Executives in the financial industry together for a conference on leadership and charitable giving. This conference will provide an educational platform for you to develop employees’ talents and maximize their potential within your organization.

Financials that attend will have a donation made on their behalf via donations raised through vendor contributions, as well as an opportunity to post their commitment for community advocacy on social media. There is no cost for the financial organization to attend the annual event. For 2020, the funds were be donated to Children’s Cancer Research Fund & Big Brothers Big Sisters.

In just a handful of months, we’ll be gathering for out next event on Jan 23 2020.  Look for another amazing  afternoon of dynamic speakers, networking, food, and social hour.

We hope that you join us for our next event.

January 23, 2020 Speakers

We're excited to bring in some fantastic speakers for our 2020 event. The morning will start off with Marci Malzahn of Malzahn Strategic and following lunch, we'll have Mark Rosen, who most recently retired from WCCO-TV just three months short of 50 years to spend more time with his wife Denise who was diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer.

Marci Malzahn

President & Founder

Bring YOUR Shoes: A Fresh Perspective for Leaders with Big Shoes to Fill. Successful leaders surround themselves with talented individuals that complement their own talents and strengths. But it all starts with you as the leader. From the employee perspective, Marci encourages you to discover your talents and maximize them in the workplace and outside by creating opportunities for yourself. From the employer perspective, Marci shares ideas on how to discover and develop your employees’ talents to maximize their potential. You will learn about Marci’s personal journey of discovering her gifts and how she helped her employees discover their talents to become the best they could be. During this inspiring talk, Marci teaches new leaders how to lead from a fresh perspective—by maximizing your talents and the talents of those you lead. In a world where having a diverse talent and valuing everyone’s contribution is a must, Marci’s talk reminds you to Bring YOUR Shoes and allow others to bring their shoes too!

Mark Rosen

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